Rug Care

Thank you for your purchase of an heirloom quality weaving from Starr Interiors. We have been the home of both Line of the Spirit and master Zapotec weavers collections since 1974. This weaving will last for generations when cared for properly.

Made of 100% natural Churro wool, all the lanolin oils have been preserved to provide maximum protection from dirt and stains. Dry cleaning is not recommended. Use Oriental rug cleaning services when needed.

Rugs can be vacuumed (use suction only) swept or shaken outdoors.
Spills should be attended to immediately, using a clean rag or sponge with cold water only. Use mild soap when needed, NO detergents.

WALL hangings should be checked at least twice a year for any tracings (gossamer trails). If  any are noticed, it can be steamed on both sides, brushed and vacuumed. It can also be sprayed with moth repellent. (follow manufacturer instructions). But in general, just take it down and vacuum the piece on both sides and hang back up on reverse side.

We sincerely hope you enjoy many years of pleasure and use from this fine weaving.1-800-748-1756